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December 19, 2015

DIY FUZZY CANDY CANE EARRINGS (DOD) | digupstuff (was digsart on eHow in 2008)

Here's an oldie but a goodie for you! Back in 2008, when I had my Digsart website, I wanted to make some warm and fuzzy earrings for the Christmas holiday. This is what happens when I listen to the thoughts and ideas that are in my head. LOL! This is my own unique design (DOD=Digupstuff's Original Design)! I hope you like making it as much as I did creating it! Don't poke your fingers with that wire! Be careful with the tools. . I create all of my jewelry by hand and not all turn out exactly the same. That's the uniqueness of handmade jewelry!

Deluxe Wild Wire Jig (Tools, twist n curl, I used the narrow metal rod)
Large needle nose pliers (Tools)
Small needle nose pliers (Tools)
Round nose pliers (Tools)
Wire cutters (Tools)
Red and white fuzzy stix
Silver ear hooks
Silver split rings (6mm, Jewelry Essentials)
Silver wire (18 gage)

Step 1:Use your Deluxe Wild Wire Jig and the small narrow metal rod for this project.
Step 2: Put a red and a white Fuzzy Stix in each side of the jig.

Step 3: Twist them around so that the colors interchange (ie. red/white/red/white).

Step 4: When you get to the end, use your needle nose pliers to make the pointed end flat so that it doesn't stick out and poke you.

Step 5: Take your now twisted red and white Fuzzy Stix off and turn it around on the jig.
Step 6: Twist the other end and flatten the ends once again.
Step 7: Take your now twisted red and white Fuzzy Stix off and turn it around on the jig.
Step 8: Take needle nose pliers and bend in the ends of the Fuzzy Stix inside each end hole being careful not to close up the ends.

Step 9: See how long your piece is and cut off a piece of 18g silver wire just about a 1/4" longer.
Step 10: Take your 18g silver wire and stick it through one end and bend the piece in a horseshoe shape.
Step 11: There should be a little bit of wire sticking out each end.
Step 12: Use your round nose pliers and make a little loop on each end, turning it sideways when finished.
Step 13: Take a split ring and use your wire cutters to make two rings.
Step 14: Use your needle nose pliers (both of them) to open the jump rings and put them through the loops that you made on your candy cane earring.
Step 15: Add your silver ear hooks and you are finished!

RESOURCES: digupstuff (was digsart on eHow in 2008)

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