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October 08, 2015


Hey y'all!

I'm back with a diy beaded pumpkin video for you! I got this idea from watching a lot of Kandi making beaded videos and I noticed that there weren't a lot of pumpkin videos out there for Halloween. I wanted to make some seed beaded pumpkin earrings and rings for my granddaughter and another little friend of ours. So, here goes1 I hope that y'all like it?!

Oh, btw, I did find another person who made this just like I did, but I couldn't find her on YouTube again. If you know of her link, please send it to me? Appreciate it!


♥ dig

I found her link! I was searching for beaded pumpkins when I should have been searching for smiley faces. LOL! Thank you Oceanne Rose!!!

:) Kandi Smiley Face Tutorial :)

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