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June 03, 2015

JENNINGS644 40,000 SUBBIE CONTEST I WON! | digupstuff

I received my contest winnings from Fiona Jennings (Jennings644) day before last and had to make this video to show just how much stuff she sent! WOW! I was so amazed and exited!!!

Check out the video here!

The original video for the contest is...

Here are some photos that I took upon receiving her package!

It's from the UK and addressed to me! YAY!
YAY!!! It's from Fiona Jennings (Jennings644)!!!

Embellishments! It's something that I really needed too!

I carefully cut it open!

It was in a huge bag.
I put like items in their own little bag.


I am going to have so much fun playing with all of these embellishments!

Thanks again Fiona Jennings (Jennings644)!!!
♥ I love ya honey! ♥

♥ Elizabeth/dig ♥

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