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May 06, 2015


This is a remake of a video that I made here...


A commenter asked me to redo it so she could see it better, so it's

taken me a couple of months, (sorry about that) but here it is!


I used 13 inches of 26 gage silver wire
6mm (I believe?) aurora borealis faux crystal bicones
6mm faux pearls
4mm swarovski topaz bicones
wire cutters

Take your 13 or 14" wire and thread one 4mm topaz and one 6mm ab crystal, leaving about 4 inches of a tail.
Then thread on the 2mm topaz, another 6mm ab crystal and a 4mm topaz crystal and pull so that the wire loops around the first 4mm topaz crystal like so...
Pull tight!!!
And repeat until you get six ab 6mm crystals on your vine.
I'm pinching them super close so as to not have any slag or space in between!
Then add your last 4mm topaz...
Go through that first 4mm topaz bicone and then twist your wire at least two times around that first 6mm ab crystal bicone and clip it off.
Put the pearl through the remaining wire and twist the wire around the opposite 6mm bicone, then clip it off with wire cutters.
You may need to mess with the ends a bit to situate them correctly.
Add a lobster claw or your preference of clasp and you're done with the pendant!
I also strung a necklace to match with ab seed beads and the 6mm ab crystals for accents.
I hope you enjoyed and make these. They really are super addicting because you can make so many of them, so fast!

Thank you for watching!

♥ dig ♥

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