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October 08, 2014


I just finished creating my new blog button. Please feel free to grab it and add it to your blog! I sure would appreciate it!

I have been working on a few things, trying to make my craft room/lab/office/ look not so much like a craft room/lab/office...although, it's been a very slow process for me. It seems like the more stuff I put away, the more stuff I find to put out and organize so that I can find a new home for that as well! Will it ever end?!? UGH!

My, "GENE ALBUM" for my family tree didn't work out. I started to do it and found that my side of the tree was way too large for this book and my husband Roy's side would have not been able to fit at all. So instead, I am using it as a way to figure out exactly what kinds of other crafty stuff I am able to do with what all I have been hoarding all this time. I am still trying to figure that out.

I'll be making another video real soon, so please, stay tuned on my digupstuff YouTube Channel!

Thanks for visiting!

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