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July 01, 2014


I wanted to make something original (as I usually try to do!) for my granddaughter, and I came up with this idea.
I used the top/cup of a Nyquil bottle and the top part of the packaging of nylons, or toys that you get out of those machines when you're on your way out of the store. I connected them and they worked like a charm (hehe, get it? Charm?)! I then hot glued some material onto the bottom, and hotglued some thick rope/string on the top and painted, sprinkled with glitter and hung it around a string to wear as a necklace She really loved it!

My grandson Logan saw those cute little cupcakes that I made and asked me to make him a black and white one! He did not want it to be a necklace so instead, I made him one that he could hook on his book bag or pants. I used some red suede cord and a red Laynard Hook. I told him that other kids would steal it if given the chance, so to watch out for that. It looks edible to me! 
I was just happy that he wanted one!

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