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June 01, 2014


Here are the train cases (with the exception of my CSI type one on a previous blog about storage) that I own. I have had these for about 25 years, but the blue one only for about 5 years. They need redoing. Maybe I'll make a video if I redo them!

This one was one of a set of blue suitcases. I wanted a map scene on top so I decoupaged (with Mod Podge) some old map paper on the top and painted the rest gold and brown. I think I did this back in 1998 or so! It holds my home made perfume.

Here is another one that I decoupaged with some really pretty tissue paper that had roses on it. I painted the edges and the handle a dark gold. I believe that I did this at the same time that I did the other one. It sits on the back of our master bathroom toilet and holds all of my feminine creams, etc.

I believe that I got this one from the Goodwill in 2000. I store all of my postcards and greeting cards in it. I painted it all brown and added some decoupaged scrapbook paper on top that looks like a weave pattern.

 I bought this from the Goodwill back in 2007, I believe. I need to whiten up the edges as I bought it like this and tried to clean it up, but it wouldn't clean up very well. I keep my nail polish, manicure/pedicure stuff in this one.

Another oldie, but a goodie! This one is made of leather and I would not redo this one for the world! I believe that this is the oldest one that I own (1986?). Not sure where I got it from. For now, it's helping me get my BOB (Bug Out Bag) together by holding some stuff that I need to put into my bag...whenever I get a nice one.

There you go!

Enjoy! :D

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