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June 18, 2014


I'm entering a miniature contest for Fiona's (Jennings644) Channel on YouTube for Friday the 20th of June! She has some gorgeous giveaway items that I would really LOVE to win too! Here are some photos of what I made...

 3 Wizard Wands.

 The Wizard's Wand Cabinet.

 Inside the cabinet.

 The back of the Wizard's Wand Cabinet! (Surprise, lol!!)

MATERIALS (for both parts): Sucrets Tin, Sticky Back Black Felt, Mod Podge Matte/Gloss, Acrylic Paint, Home Made Glitter Glue, Hot Glue/Sticks, 24g Silver Wire, 20g Gold Wire, Beads, Bamboo Skewer, Recycled Chinese Takeout Box Wire, Scrapbook Paper, Recycled Tag, Recycled Chopstick Packaging, Paper Beads and some Shiny Bling.

Check out my videos if you would like to know how these were made at: 

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