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April 13, 2014

MY STORAGE IDEAS | digupstuff

Here are some of my storage ideas...

Back in 2009, I bought this 36 drawer storage unit from Sears for just $20. I have stored beads, findings, and now a mix of beads, clips, office supplies, etc. on my desk for easy access.

In 2010, I used the CSI looking case (above) for all of my beads. Along with the Gerber Baby Food containers. It's worked out so well, I went back to it in 2014. Although I did try other items first.

 It was in 2012 that I redid my CSI case and put all of my findings in it for a spell. I didn't have enough findings to fill the whole case, so I went back to putting my beads in it.
I put two of those wire crate sides together with a piece of cardboard inside an old pillow case, all held together by two huge clamps at the bottom, and two on the sides at the top. These were to hold my newly created earrings. I came up with this one back in 2010.
In 2012, I found a great deal on plastic test tubes. These held my beads really well. They look cute on my shelf as well! I was going for a, "Craft Lab" thing.

Back in the summer of 2012, I was going crazy for these plastic pencil boxes! They were only $1 at Dollar General or Family Dollar and I bought a bunch of them. They really come in handy and I keep most of them in my filing cabinet! BTW, that's my 7 year old goldfish Nemo below.

In 2012 I used this wooden case for bead storage, but later on found out how hard it was to find all my darn beads. So, I ended up switching back to my CSI case. I really love the craft lab look and idea for my area.
I don't know how I come up with ideas like this, but I had this lamp stand (otherwise known as our, "Festivus Pole", lol!), and I also had this mesh type metal cloth type stuff (I call it, "Chicken Wire", but it's not really). I decided to make a shade out of it to hang all of my earrings on. One of my friends liked it so much that she made me take a photo of, here it is! Thanks Tracy darlin'! ♥

I hope that you enjoyed my storage ideas. Perhaps I helped someone? Anyway, y'all are welcome to use my ideas. Just put a link back to this blog ( to keep everyone honest.

Thank you so much!

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