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January 06, 2014


Happy New Year!

I have a few new videos on my channel at YouTube if you would like to check them out. Other than that, here are a few photos of stuff I have been working on...

I turned these adorable Hot Glue Gummy Bears into Bobby Pins for my granddaughter!
(DOD=Digupstuff Original Design)

A couple of beaded bugs. I think that they look like flies.

A Knifty Knitter Loomed, and what I am calling the, "Rainbow Beaded Hair Clip" (not finished with the clip yet).
(DOD=Digupstuff Original Design)

And another I'm calling my, "Baby Blanket Hair Clip" (because it's made from baby blanket making yarn).
(DOD=Digupstuff Original Design)

I hope that you like them?

If you are on my, "Close Friends" list on Facebook, then you have already seen these.
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