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September 23, 2017



So, I thought that I was going to be offline, but my husband ended up coming through and purchased some minutes for me to be able to stay online, YAY!

Also, we did not have our utilities turned off thanks to our very nice friend who loaned Roy the money to keep them on!!! I'm so happy because that would have killed me, what with the 90 plus degree temperatures we have this time of the year! Roy works in the high temperatures here, but he's from here, I'm not! I was crying because of it last night and he saw me.

So, a huge thank you to my dear hubby for keeping me online and alive! Hopefully, I will be able to do some videos and get back on YouTube again!

Oh, and another great thing is that we are going to visit our granddaughter Lilly soon!!! That was a very nice surprise for me because I've been missing her so much! We haven't seen her since our last visit with her in April, in Tallahassee!

Over the summer, her father took us to court last to move her to Knoxville, Tennessee with his other two girls and girlfriend. Now we only get four visits a year, but as long as Lilly's happy, that's all that matters now.

Check my YouTube Channel soon for more videos!

All my loves,

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