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April 03, 2017

20170401 LILLY VISIT

I have almost been away from my blogspot here for a whole year?!? How time flies!!! I'm so sorry y'all, but I've been so stunned at the things that are going on in my personal life. It's really been like a DUH for me, if you can understand where I'm coming from? I doubt it, but y'all can always try, right? Let's see...I really can't explain it without getting real specific about certain things, and, well, I don't want to start anything, so I'll just say that I've been in the, "DUH ZONE", just watching and not doing much crafting or blogging at all. Please forgive my absence?

I hope to be getting more videos out in the future. I have some that I haven't done anything with mostly because I love videoing (if that's a word?), but not editing so much. I'm sure that I'm not alone out there...I hope?!

We had a very great April 1st with our granddaughter Lilly. I have shared some photos with my friends on Facebook, but not everyone is allowed access. We are a pretty private people, simple, etc. so please respect our privacy, okay? If you would like a link, just email me and I'll see what I can do. Appreciate it!

I'm going to bed now as it is 12:58am and I am tired! Here we are at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee, FL! Good times!!!

Good night!
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